The Journey to Wellness

labyrinth-chartresEvery illness tells a story. Every illness presents a challenge. We desire wellness and when we are afflicted with pain, discomfort and illness we want to change that. In order to affect change, something in us — our lives, our routines, our habits — must change. Dis-ease presents us with a unique opportunity to take a journey on an unknown path toward a desired, but unknown, destination.

When patients come to me seeking treatment for a variety of health concerns (everything from back pain to rotator cuff injuries , chronic conditions or even mystery illnesses) they are embarking on a journey to their very center to find healing before they can return. I chose the labyrinth for Rivertown Acupuncture’s logo because it represents that inner quest by the patient; I am simply the catalyst for healing.

The journey to recovery from an ailment is not a straight line, and a holistic approach is key to lasting success. Whereas medical specialists may sometimes take a compartmentalized approach, sending a patient down one narrow path, acupuncture stimulates our own bodies to move toward their desired destination. For this reason, acupuncture can help point the way toward healing in situations when a patient is feeling unwell but has not been presented with a clear path toward wellness from a medical professional.

This journey represents the mythical Hero’s quest. First the hero must make a decision and depart upon the journey. With the aid of a helper, s(he) becomes initiated, first crossing the threshold (often with obstacles and struggle) and then entering the center from where the reward is obtained. The last stage is the return, where our hero returns to the ordinary world with the reward: renewed health. This journey to recovery can be quite transformative.

One does not necessarily need to be ill to initiate this journey. Acupuncture treatment delivers several short-term benefits such as boosting a patient’s immune system, energy levels and increasing overall sense of well-being, but, perhaps more importantly, it also lays a strong foundation for one’s future health. When we emerge from the labyrinth rejuvenated and transformed we are ready to pursue new and invigorating adventures in our life.

If you are ready to start your journey to wellness, Rivertown Acupuncture is ready to serve as your guide along the way. I’m pleased to have traveled alongside so many patients on their path to better health and happiness, and I look forward to helping you reach your destination, too. If you are interested in learning more about how your journey begins, here is what to expect at your first acupuncture treatment.