Mission Statement

Rivertown Acupuncture | Dobbs Ferry, WestchesterEvery illness tells a story. Every ache and pain expresses a set of beliefs, and no injury exists without its genesis. Chinese Medicine embraces the continuum that is body, mind and spirit, so it’s understood that emotions and thoughts influence our health and come to fruition in our physical form. The classical medical texts assert that the heart, which houses the spirit and mind (the Shen), is the Emperor. Therefore it is said that, all disease begins with the Heart.

Rivertown Acupuncture has the tools and skill to treat your symptoms and complaints.  For example: Trigger point therapy to release your muscle pain. Gentle Japanese style acupuncture to accelerate healing of a swollen, acute sprain. Use of acupuncture, diodes and moxa to treat edema or tinnitus.

rivertown-acupunture-dobbs-ferry-2But beyond treating symptoms, Rivertown Acupuncture creates the healing space for you to uncover that which has pulled you into disharmony, and to rewrite your story. When transformed to wellness, your story will harmonize like a song.  That is our goal. Transforming your story; from discomfort, pain or illness – to health,  resilience and well-being.