The following patient testimonials represent a sample of conditions successfully treated by acupuncture.

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Gastro-intestinal disorders:

I went to Randi for relief from an irritating gastro-intestinal problem.  After one treatment I experienced almost immediate relief.  As I work very long hours and moonlight as a lounge singer, I will continue going to her for “well-being” treatments.  I recommend her highly.  — Diane Cricchio, video producer


I had been trying to conceive for around six months when Randi (who has been a trusted friend for years) explained to me the benefits of acupuncture & its success in helping with fertility.   I eagerly agreed to give it a try & set up a date with her to be needled for that week.  I had never tried acupuncture for anything previous to this but have quite a few friends who swear by it for a bunch of conditions & ailments and was open to the experience. I loved the initial appointment & set up a day for the following week.
After only 2 sessions, I got pregnant!

I firmly believe that the needling that Randi performed on me was to credit.  I am forever a believer in acupuncture & forever grateful to Randi.  My daughter Brooke turned 5 weeks yesterday!  — Tara Scotti, Personal Trainer

Infertility and Lower Back Pain:

I was referred to rivertown acupuncture by my very good friend, I was told that Randi could help me and that I would love her. Well, she did and I do! My husband and I decided one year ago that we wanted a baby, for numerous reasons we were not pregnant. I had never tried acupuncture but my husband had, need less to say we were skeptical. My first visit with randi she told me I needed to be treated for stress first.. I walked out feeling relaxed and loving Randi! Shortly after being treated my husband gave it a try again to treat his terrible back pain, he left visit one with no pain and loving Randi! We both continued to be treated a few more times..I’m relaxed, husband has no back pain and we are finally pregnant with our first child due this year and all of this is thanks to Randi!  — Gina G., Ardsley, NY

Sciatica type pain:

I suffer from piriformis syndrome [sciatica].  I have been treated by a neurologist, physical therapist, orthopedist, chiropractor and massage therapist.  Randi Hoffmann is the one professional who gave my lower back and hips relief from chronic pain. – Carol Dallinga, CSW, psychotherapist

Digestive issues & low energy:

I came to Randi struggling with a lot of digestive issues, including constipation, stagnation, bloating, and inflammation, as well as a general feeling of low energy. Randi so patiently treated my whole being and I always felt completely revitalized with energy and life force after our sessions. My bowel movements also increased instantaneously after treatments.  I really felt cared for by Randi and appreciated her range of modalities that she incorporated into the acupuncture practice, including flower essences, crystal bowls, and aromatherapy.  – Jen Swanson, graduate student


Randi’s treatments really help me with my anxiety.  They help unlock the tight feeling in my chest and I feel calmer and less anxious for days afterwards.  — S.C., high school student

Knee Pain:

Rivertown Acupuncture has been a godsend for me. I’ve never been particularly inclined to go for alternative medicine, and was skeptical at first, but I know a number of people who have been treated there, including two separate couples who had been trying and failing to conceive for a long time, before being treated by Randi. I had been suffering from chronic knee pain for years, and had been taking an inordinate amount of heavy painkillers just to function(poison prescribed to me by a doctor, that only masked my symptoms and were highly addictive); after my first session I noticed a considerable amount of relief, and by my third, I felt like I had a new lease on life. I now return once a month, and can’t express how my quality of life has improved as a result. My only regret is that I wasn’t open minded enough to try acupuncture earlier. I can’t recommend her services strongly enough! — O.H. musician