Acupuncture Resources

A comprehensive list of acupuncture resources:

Pathways 4 Health
– the first step toward good health is diet.  This is an excellent site, with recipes for bone soup and more.

Acupuncture – a comprehensive, easy to navigate site that will answer most questions regarding Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  Go to the menu on left and click “Patients” to search for syndromes, herbal remedies, QiGong, and more.

Trigger Point Dry Needle Technique & Electric Stimulation – a clear description of this technique, its benefits and the soreness and sometimes worsening of pain symptoms in the aftermath of treatment. Note: Trigger Point Dry Needling is considered a modality apart from classical East Asian Acupuncture, its foundation developed by western medical specialists, such as Dr. Janet Travell. With trigger point dry needling, acupuncture needles and techniques are utilized to promote a twitch response within muscles, specifically to muscle motor points.

TCM Glossary – glossary of conditions, symptoms, and Traditional Chinese Medical concepts.

Chinese Medicine Times – the latest news in research and trends in East Asian medicine.

Acupuncture news – for the latest in acupuncture research.